The interpretation of a poem varies from person to person and the poet is the only one who really knows the meaning behind the poem. A friend of mine used to always say "Explain." after reading my poetry, so for him and others like him, here's a brief explanation of my poems on this page.
  • Life-just a little musing that life will pass you by if you don't hold on to it.

  • Winter's Kiss-someone once commented on me being aloof, cold even, and this poem came out of it.

  • December's Song-just a thought on winter.

  • Profound-just a college memory about a sneaky suspicion I had that there was more to life than partying.

  • A Handful of Glass-written for a friend I grew up with who got sucked up into the drug scene.

  • A Morning Outing-just a daydream about running away.

  • Playing In Your Shadow-a poem about having an older sibling who always seemed to be perfect, and the realization that perfect may not be all that it is cracked up to be.

  • Flirting-have you ever seen someone who sets the standards for all of your fantasies? And then been saddened because you know you'll never see them again? A one night stand for the eyes. Oh well, take comfort in the fact that the reality rarely lives up to the fantasy and you will always have that glance.

  • Torn-taken from a journal entry written years ago about being torn between abandoning friendships that are no longer needed.

  • For the Ocean-written because I dream of oceans way too much(dream symbols of water often represent emotions).

  • Forest Walk-written after a hike at a local state park. There really was a mushroom, an opening with flowers, and a beautiful black and yellow spider weaving a web.

  • Calling the Corners-a reference to the Wiccan practice of calling the four corners, the directions (East, South, West and North) and elements that they represent (air, fire, water and earth), is about a woman who lives her life in a self-imposed secrecy, but is on the edge of changing.

  • Queen of Swords-the first poem in a series about the Tarot deck, the Queen of Swords combines the sorrow of that card with the frustration of relationships that go nowhere.

  • Draw Your Razor-written during the time I was being stalked. This poem represents what it felt like to know that someone who claims to love you would rather see you dead than alive without him.

  • One of Your Lies-hmmm...I don't know how to explain this one, except to say that it is symbolic only. There are no scars on my hands.

  • Ethereal-taken from another journal entry during a time when friends were tiptoeing around me like I would break if they even looked to hard at me. Boy, you climb one lousy tree, and they never forget...

  • Snowman-losing people is hard, but it's a fact of life. People die, move, change, it's not easy to deal with, but you have to. Learning to accept loss was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn, and I'm sure I still won't get an "A" on it if tested.

  • Apple-a friend laughed at me for commenting on the sexiness of apples, so I wrote this poem to show him what I meant. I wonder what he thinks about apples now...

  • Drought-a very misunderstood poem about the ending of writer's block. It was a very hot August, and I hadn't written anything in weeks. One day, after work, I was getting ready to take a shower, and I forgot to put the shower curtain in the tub and as a result, flooded the whole bathroom which led to a daydream about flooding the whole apartment.

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