Wisdom from the Fridge

I love those Poetry Magnet sets for refrigerators, and have two sets (one with cat terms, the other with computer terms) on my fridge. While they may not really be words of wisdom, surely they have some entertainment value. **Warning** Some of these may be adult in nature!

My metal angel, he will be no rigid symbol.

Will floppy eMail hardware at Microsoft crash in the micro
compatible megabyte PC box? Tiger peepee.

I want to be independant in a dirty house.

I am virtual love in heat chasing my digital lord, Cybersex Error.

Your density is always better.

I'm soft, he's arrogant. Should we have neurotic attitudes?

Let indifferent thought rescue her.

Why sleep to save inferior dialog.

Brush their enthusiastic kingdom socks silly!

She is bad. Make lover crawl on command or he can't have it.

My nerd sucks hard technoweenie, it surges beautifully.

Loving him is my undoing, he don't need a mysterious hiss.

Here are some from Lynette's fridge. 50 bonus points if you can guess which one I wrote!

Stare at the diamond and see my honey

I am a bitter goddess like you.

Trudge a 1,000 days, never ask why.

I whisper my love but scream my lust.

Vision of blue sky always sings elaborate symphony of you.

God moaned as pink cars pounded the road.

Night manipulates my still soul, secrets haunt her mornings.

Delirious darling said he would fiddle eternally.

Music devours the blood.

Beauty shines from behind eternity.

The Fast is over!

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